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How I became Goddess Jeanetta

Every now and then people ask me questions about my name. Those who know me personally or have heard me called by other names are especially prone to ask questions. I am aware that the evolution of my persona may be a bit confusing for some people. Today I am here to offer some clarification about some of the various over-lapping professional and personal hats I have worn, and to reveal how I became known as Goddess Jeanetta.
In certain lines of work it is a common occurrence to have a work name that is different from the name that was given at birth. Actors, musicians, and writers are among those who often have a stage name, a persona or a pen name that they go by. Tantrikas are also among the professions that tend to take on a persona for their work. Sometimes, people maintain more than one persona simultaneously, especially if they wear more than one professional hat. The process of finding the right name often evolves and changes as the individual artist develops and fine tunes their craft. Once an artist becomes well known, it becomes much more difficult to change their name. At some point a name emerges and takes hold to represent this entity in the hearts and minds of their fans or devotees.
In the past I was known as Reiki Angel, initially strictly for business purposes. I believe it was in 2003 that I first began using Reiki Angel as an advisor on Ingenio. At that time I was also working full time as a psychiatric case manager.  I noticed that many of the other advisers on this site created an advisor name that was obviously not their given name. Especially in light of the type of professional work I did, I did not want to use my real name or anything too close to my real name for this alternative healing. At first I offered remote Reiki healing and advice exclusively over the phone.  Next I started offering hands on reiki healing services, on a very limited basis during evenings and weekends. I was still working full time in the mental health field, so when I was in my role as a Reiki healer, I used the name Reiki Angel as my part-time energetic healing persona.
Over the next few years I went to Body Mind College to study massage and holistic health. Eventually I left my mental health job and expanded my energetic healing practice into a full time career that included not only reiki but massage as well. After a couple more years of further training and exploration, numerous tantric workshops and courses, I became a certified Tantric Healer and added Tantra as another healing modality into my practice.  Since my practice was no longer limited exclusively to Reiki, sometime in 2006 I began referring to my healing massage practice as Angels Touch. Although I no longer use the name Reiki Angel for my business, it remained as a nickname that still appears in some of the social networking places I use. I still offer remote reiki healing and advice over the phone through Ingenio. However, my advice is no longer limited to reiki. Today people most often call me for advice to improve their love life.  A couple years ago I changed my advisor name from Reiki Angel to Reiki Goddess. I made this subtle change to incorporate the divine tantric aspect of my practice, yet intentionally kept it similar to my original name in the hopes that my previous clients would be able to find and recognize me as the same advisor.
Goddess Jeanetta is an honorary tantric title that I have used within the tantra community in San Diego for several years, as well as for my online Tantric persona. I started using it shortly after I began offering Tantra as a healing modality in 2007.  I first began using this name when I was invited to post a profile as a goddess on a website that features Tantra teachers and providers. All of the women listed on this site were called goddesses and all the men were called gods. To start my listing on this particular site, I had a phone conversation with the site manager. She asked me what name I wanted to use for the listing. Although my initial intention was to simply use Jeanette, she miss heard me, and thought I said Jeanetta. She converted my name to Goddess Jeanetta for the listing. By simply adding the divine title of respect in front of my name, as was the practice for all of the sacred professionals on this site, Goddess Jeanetta was born. Although it started out as a mistake, I decide I liked the way Goddess Jeanetta rolled off the tongue, so I kept it.  Next I broadened the use of Goddess Jeanetta to my own website and other listings that I created specifically for Tantra. Next I started using this name for the Meet-up groups and workshops that I facilitated.  
As time went on, I recognized that I loved to write. I felt that using the written word was yet another way I could spread the message of love and transformational awareness. I started writing short stories and messages that I shared with my friends through an occasional post, blog or tweet. Encouraged by the response of my freinds, I decide to try my hand at being an author. I began writing a book, "Seven Secret of Sexual Savvy". My pen name that I adopted was Jeanetta Goddette; a play on the title Goddess Jeanetta, with the more conventional appearance and order of a first and last name.  I came up with this pen name in 2011 for the purpose of publishing books and professional blog writing. When I was contemplating what to pick as my pen name, I wanted there to be some continuity with my already emerging Goddess Jeanetta persona. I decided to keep Jeanetta as my first name, and set out to find a last name with God in it.  I contemplated Godfrey, Godchild, Godwin, Goddard, Godet and Goddette, and perhaps a few other God names. However, visually and vocally Goddette (spelled with two Ds and Ts) most resembled Goddess. I also did some on-line research to learn the meaning of Goddette, and I liked what I read. I got several different yet somewhat related interpretations. One reliable source indicated that this name is a respelling of the southern French surname Gaudet, from the root gaud, meaning "happy" or "lively", similar to the Latin gaudere which means "to rejoice".  Another source stated that this name dates back to the time when France was immersed in the Dark Ages. This name, from the Normandy region of France, was derived from the given name Gaudi which means "ruler".  Other sources indicated that this name means "favored of God" or "having god (or goddess) like qualities".
I selected this particular pen name because of its similarity to my already emerging tantric persona and because I like the way it sounds. I would love to be seen as a happy, lively goddess. All of the various mentioned possible meanings associated with the name Goddette sounded appealing to me. I do wish to inspire my readers to get in touch with their inner strength, and the divine god or goddess power that is within each of us. However, I think of myself as more of a healer and an inspirational muse, and less of a ruler. I am all about the love... honestly being some kind of condescending ruler; overly controlling, stern, punitive or iron fisted, just does not really resonate with me.  From time to time, I get contacted by someone who mistakenly thinks (or perhaps hopes) that I will offer some kind of discipline, or dominatrix service.  However, this is not the case. I do expect my clients to treat me with reverence. I do make a point to clarify the boundaries and what I expect from clients.  I do maintain control during my sessions as a Tantric teacher and guide.  However, this is where the similarities begin and end.  My sessions are never about ridicule or humiliation, and it is never my intention to test your limits to endure punishment or pain. My gift is in my ability to help people to relax, release old patterns, and open up to feel better about themselves. I prefer to teach how to tolerate more bliss and pleasure in our lives.
One thing is certain. I do have a lot to rejoice about in my life.  I am honored and humbled by the name Goddess Jeanetta, and hope to use my role to remind all women that they are goddesses, and all men that they are gods. Yes, we are flesh and blood human beings who make mistakes. We are mortal beings who are born, live an Earthy life, and eventually die. Yet on another level, I believe we are also divine beings of indestructible spirit and energy that in one form or another continues to exist.  We can literally participate in the miraculous creation of new life via procreation. We are created with the ability to shape and manifest our world every day in remarkably meaningful ways.  There is awe and wonder all around us. I recognize and I embrace this life with love and passion.
In the bible it says that we are created in the image of God. Whether or not we believe in the bible as the literal word of God, and regardless of whether we believe in creation or evolution, this statement still contains a profound truth. We possess a miraculous spark of life that gives us the potential to grow; physically, emotionally and spiritually. We have a capacity for living a life filled with a godlike love and compassion for our fellow human beings. It is humbling to remember that even the most annoying jerks among us were also created in the image of god. Some people have gotten so out of touch with their higher self that it is nearly unrecognizable.  Even if it is difficult to recognize, I believe god is present as a mirror or life lesson in every person we encounter.  We can reflect and radiate love and godliness once we embrace our inner divine self.  If we are in a relationship, especially when a challenge arises, we can also stop and remember that our partner is a god or goddess that we have the unique privilege to be in a relationship with.  When we remember that we are a divine creation we begin to treat ourselves and each other with love and reverence.
This is my mission as a Tantric teacher and healer to spread the word that we do not need to live a life of fear, deceit and shame. We can actually release fear and all the trauma, stress and disease it creates in our lives. We no longer need to be controlled by self doubt and disappointments from our past. We can live in the moment, in a state of love, gratitude and integrity. We can speak our truth with confidence. We can stop hiding who we really are. We can begin living our lives out loud. We can continue to make healthy choices from a place of love.  When we do this, our lives get better. The world actually becomes a better place.  I am here to remind you that there's nothing more attractive than a man or woman with a mission.  Share your passion!  Your enthusiasm may inspire those around you, and will likely double your magnetic appeal. Although Goddess Jeanetta is a title I humbly use to describe my Tantric healer persona, I also recognize that God created me as a goddess. He gave me a light to shine, and gifts to share. This is my reality. When I share this Tantric philosophy of love and life with those around me, I am Goddess Jeanetta.

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