Saturday, March 16, 2013

Root Chakra Sex Positions

Root Chakra Sex Secret:  Get out of your head and into your body.  Experiment with expressing your primal animal nature during sex. The following root chakra sex positions and illustrations (all original art  by myself) are taken from my new upcoming book, Seven Secrets of Sexual Savvy.
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Rear entry sex positions seem particularly appropriate for the raw animal energy of the root chakra. I have noticed that quite often various animal names are used to describe these rear entry positions.   These positions may be used for either vaginal or anal penetration. Men, you will be in the driver seat for all of these rear entry positions.

Ladies, before he enters you from behind, make sure you are feeling ready.  When you maneuver to whatever position you are going to be in, do not let him jam into you unless you are really ready and aching for him to do so. Guide him to rub his mighty shaft against your flower (or rose bud) until you are ready for his thrusts. Finally, if this position is not hitting all the right spots for either of you, don’t be afraid to change things up mid-stream. It’s all about having fun.
 “Cow Style”:  Congress of the Cow” is a somewhat physically challenging rear entry position from the Kama Sutra, that I simply call “Cow Style”.  The woman stands with her legs slightly spread and knees locked or (bent slightly for comfort) and supports herself with her hands on the floor, in the bend-over position. (Don’t try this if you are not limber). A little more comfortable variation involves standing at the end of the bed or a table and bending over.  The woman’s upper body and arms supported by the surface. The man thrusts from behind holding onto the woman’s waist or hips. This way he can move her along with his momentum.
“Doggy Style”:  The ancient Chinese referred to this position as “White Tiger Jumps”.  However, I refer to this position by the name that it is most commonly known by in modern times.  The “Doggy Style” is a popular American classic rear entry position, similar to Cow Style, only the woman is on her hands and knees, with her arms supporting her.  The man kneels right behind her. Generally the man positions his knees outside of her lower legs.  The man may grab hold of the woman’s hips for support and to guide the momentum as he thrusts from behind.
“Tiger Style”:  The ancient Chinese called this position “Tiger Treads”.  It looks a little like a tiger crouching down to me as well.  You can easily change from Doggy Style to Tiger Style.  I recommend that the woman use a slightly wider knee stance than doggy style, both for the sake of her comfort and so that the man can get in closer between her legs. She should start on her hands and knees similar to the doggy style position, and then lowers her upper body. She should keep her hips raised high as she lowers her arms, chest and head down on the mattress.   Just as the previous positions, the man enters from the rear, but perhaps a bit more carefully. Be aware, having the upper body lower than the lower body changes the angle of entry and allows for deeper penetration.  In some cases the penetration may feel too deep, or cause pain if the sensitive cervix opening is struck. You may find that this position is particularly stimulating as more pressure is applied to the upper wall of the woman’s vagina.  

“Turtle Style”:  Finally I have also added a position that I have affectionately referred to as “Turtle Style” because you are low to the ground like turtles.  This position is very intimate with lots of body to body contact.  It is also easier on the knees than doggy style.  Recently I found that the ancient Chinese named a very similar position after an insect, “Dark Affixed Cicada”.  This is a rear entry position where the woman is on her belly. Her hips may be either flat or elevated.  The elevated hips variation may be more comfortable with a couple of pillows under her hips for support.  I suggest having pillows handy in case you want to transition from one rear entry position to another without losing the connection and momentum.  The woman may lay out flat with her upper body and head down if she likes.  The man enters from behind and then lowers his upper body on top of her back.  This feels like a full body hug or human blanket. The woman may also opt to have her upper body propped up a bit on her elbows. For this variation the man is also raised up a bit as well.  I like this variation because you can look at each other if you like, and the man may gently embrace her neck with his hands as the illustration shows.
Gentlemen, many women enjoy the exciting feeling of being “handled” by an assertive strong masculine lover. If you want to change to another position midway through the loving making session, keep this in mind. If you are feeling particularly in tune with your inner caveman, try this powerful move that I like to call “the flip”; grab hold of her body (in a supportive way) with your right arm reaching across in front of her, grabbing hold of her left hip with your right hand and place the other hand behind her, supporting the opposite hip.  Lift her up a bit off the bed, flip or roll her over and toss or lower her “gently” down onto the middle of the bed to switch to any number of face to face positions to finish, or whatever you prefer. The important thing to keep in mind is to experiment with being physical and primal. 
Root Chakra Chart
Sanskrit Name: Muladhara (means root)
Location:  Base of the spine
Endocrine Gland: Adrenal                                           
Demon: Fear
Color: Red
 Musical note: C
 Mantra: Lam
Sense: Smell
Element: Earth
Sanskrit Symbol Meaning: Ambition 
Focus: Survival instincts, sex drive and the physical body
Relationship:  Tribal relationships
Ritual: Stripping Ritual
Erogenous Zones: Feet, toes, the back of the knees, buttocks, anus, prostate
Sex Positions:  Rear Entry; Cow Style, Doggy Style, Turtle Style
Secret:  Get out of your head and into your body.  Experiment with expressing your primal animal nature during sex.